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Youth Art Teacher



Acrylic on canvas/ personalized authentic jerseys send info for a quote

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I am a visual artist and I specialize in acrylic paintings on canvas and handcrafted patchwork sewn on all types of apparel. I also have skills in graphic design, web design, screen printing and apparel design. I teach these skills to the youth with my brand Vintage Poole Art where “I create artwork that educates and inspires the community“

Artist bio

Broderick Poole is a Twin Cities-based visual artist who specializes in creating multiple forms of custom handcrafted art. He's been creating artwork for over twenty-five years and for the past several years has been teaching the youth in the neighborhood he grew up in.

In his work, Broderick merges his acrylic painting and drawing skills with his graphic design degree. Learning screen printing and sewing before the age of 18 introduced another element, extending the range of his talent in his fashion line, Vintage P.

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